Building Resiliency

Personal and Private Coaching for Single Parents and Teens

Single Parents

I am a Duke University Certified Health and Wellness coach and work primarily with single parents to help them clarify their priorities and overcome obstacles so they can navigate the challenges of being a single parent and transform insight into action. I am also a personal health coach with a nutrition certification from the National Association of Sports Medicine. For more information about nutrition coaching strategies scroll to the nutrition section at the bottom of this page.

Single Parent Coaching

For single parents, I offer 1-on-1 coaching that focuses on:

Clarifying priorities

Overcoming obstacles

Transforming insight into action

High School Students

I also work with teenagers to teach them the benefits of goal setting which builds resiliency and prepares them for the unexpected challenges of high school, college and adulthood. 

I am more than a Life Coach for Teens, I provide professional and private one on one coaching that is customized to their talents, skills and abilities. For more information about One-on-One coaching for teens, click here:

Nutrition Coaching

Beyond my Health and Wellness Coaching credentials, I am also proudly certified by the National Association of Sports Medicine as a Nutrition Health Coach. This isn't just a title - it's a testament to my deep understanding of the vital connection between nutrition and holistic health. With this dual expertise, I'm uniquely positioned to guide you on a transformative journey.

Together, we'll unlock the power of proper nutrition, ensuring you're not just living, but thriving in optimal health and well-being. Let's nourish your body and mind with my nutrition coaching services.